The Small Machine Talks - Episode 33 - Interview with Manahil BandukwalaThe Small Machine Talks - Episode 33 - Interview with Manahil Bandukwala

The Small Machine Talks Episode 33

Recorded on Sunday, May 13, 2018

with a.m. kozak, Amanda Earl and Manahil Bandukwala

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Manahil Bandukwala is a Pakistani born-and-raised writer and artist currently living and studying in Ottawa. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming in the Puritan,, Room Magazine, Ricepaper, Coven Editions, In/Words, battleaxe press and others. She is currently an editor for In/Words Magazine & Press. She has joined the editorial team for Canthius.


We speak of the visual nature of Manahil’s poetry and her art and how the approaches are similar and different. We spoke about the connections between her art and getting involved in Ottawa’s literary scene. 


Plucked -


We discuss using non-English words in poems to push back against the idea that English is the dominant language and losing one’s language, things that cannot be said with English. @peacehearty @verseottawa talk 7.12



We speak of Manahil’s poem, In Bloom, which intertwines Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic and Persian. 8.35 



We speak of whether Manahil feels a responsibility to write about her culture. 12.24 



16.11 role of food and drink in Manahil’s life and work. 


Feast, September 2017

24.38 moving from prose to poetry 


Mini Poetry Interview with Thomas Whyte


26.40 relationship between editing others and own writing and organizing events 


30.55 stage fright, performance vs reading 


37. We talk about the honour of publishing people’s writing and hosting them at readings. @_amkozak @manaaaahil 


39. Current projects @inmagazine Descent – those who submitted will find out soon 


40 @sawdustseries May 23 how @manaaaahil found out she was featuring


40. 49 Backyard Worlds: miniature creations by two sisters


Nimra Bandukwala’s art


Stay tuned for our next episode in June and our interview with Cameron Anstee. Thanks to everyone for listening and sharing the podcast! 

The Vispo Bible: One Woman Recreates the Bible as Visual Poetry

presented as part of Kanada Koncrete Material Poetries in the Digital Age, University of Ottawa, May 4-6, 2018. Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for funding part of the Vispo Bible in 2018.

The Small Machine Talks - Episode 32The Small Machine Talks - Episode 32

The Small Machine Talks Episode 32

Recorded on Sunday, May 13, 2018

with a.m. kozak, Amanda Earl and Manahil Bandukwala

Click here to listen to the episode.


In which we talk about recent and upcoming events in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, recent reads including Cassidy McFadzean’s Hacker Packer, Vallum 15:1, Natalee Wee’s Our Bodies and Other Fine Machines, the walk as poetic form and essay, a.m. kozak’s playwrighting debut as part of CSArt’s subscription service, accessible locations, funny one-liners, little millenialisms, calls for submission, contests and hints for submitting poetry to

Links to stuff mentioned in the episode include the following:

Kanada Koncrete program

M. Nourbese Philip – the Book of Un with Undex

Gap Riot Press

Comma by Jennifer Still

Project 40


Hacker Packer by Cassidy McFadzean

Vallum Magazine

Our Bodies and Other Fine Machines by Natalie Wee

Stay tuned for our next episode in which we interview Manahil Bandukwala. The episode will be on line later this month, and our next round up of events, books and calls will be in June.

Thanks to Charles for processing, Jennifer Pederson for intros and outros, to you for listening and sharing the podcast and to the publishers who have been sending us books for review and discussion on the podcast. Stay tuned for talks on books by Invisible Publishing and Wolszak and Wyn. Thanks to Manahil and Aaron… 2018 - Thank You


AngelHousePress thanks the following poets and artists for their contributions to this year and thanks to all who sent us submissions, who shared and promoted the site this month.


The work will be on line at until February 28, 2019. A new call for submissions will go out via our AngelHousePress mailing list (sign up at, our FB page and my personal Twitter account: @KikiFolle.


1. Bilingual Poet’s Dilemma - Poet (English and British Sign Language versions): Donna Williams; Film Co-directors: Sandra Alland & Ania Urbanowska; British Sign Language interpreting and translation consultation by K. Yvonne Strain, Scotland

2. Man-flavoured Condoms – Jeff Kirby, Canada

3. fátima queiroz [untitled typewriter poem] Brazil

4. Where To Find Me – Robin Sinclair USA

5. Gary Barwin @garybarwin [untitled visual poem] Canada

6. Melissa Beek – My Stolen Sisters, Metepenagiag First Nation

7. Márton Koppány – Forecast (Hungarian Vispo No. 18), Hungary

8. the nth digri – Sugar Cane (video) Canada

9. michele provost and zachary robert – A Good Thing, Canada

10. Jenna Jarvis - pokémon battle simulator, Canada

11. Donmay – Feeling and Understanding, USA

12. Ariel Dawn – Morning, Canada

13. Sacha Archer – falls into line, Canada

14. Bola Opaleke – A Stone Goes Into the Water Not Drown In It, Canada

15. Daniel f. Bradley lowrent boogie woogie, Canada

16. Willy Palomo – Mark 6:41-42, USA

17. andrew topel – triptych, USA

18. Diana Manole - Trump’s Abecedary (Selections), Canada

19. Tchello d’Barros – INFINITALL, Brazil

20. Jane Eaton Hamilton – The Hole in Her Cheek, Canada

21. Kate Siklosi – the shade of it all, Canada

22. Mimi Ramos Lebuffe - I knew or was (la vocal eterna), Canada

23. Marilyn R. Rosenberg (MRR) – STOP OVER, USA

24. Melissa Carey – Roadwork, Canada

25. psw – signs [Korean typewriter series] Germany

26. Manahil Bandukwala  In Bloom, Canada

27. Carol White – Matron of Doll Hospital – Collage on Water Color Paper, Ireland

28. Catherine Graham – Fire Glass, Canada

29. Carol Barbour – Spider War, Canada

30. Ally Fleming – For This Poem To Exist I Have No Choice But To Suffer This Grief, Canada


Stay tuned for announcements of new chapbooks to be published with AngelHousePress and DevilHouse in the spring and autumn, and the 11th issue of in the autumn as well. Also a.m. kozak and I will continue to host the Small Machine Talks, exploring the poetry scene in Central Canada and beyond. Stay tuned for interviews, event recaps and wish lists, calls for submission and reviews of books and chapbooks to come!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the celebration.


yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

The Small Machine Talks - Episode 31 with a.m. kozak and Amanda EarlThe Small Machine Talks - Episode 31 with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl

the Small Machine Talks Episode 31

with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl

Recorded on April 8, 2018


Click here to listen to the episode.


Recent Events


We speak of literary and other events that we’ve attended in the past few months. Aaron has moved to a new location. We speak about bicycles and poetry. Amanda offers a teaser about an upcoming event.


Amanda attended a few Black History Month events. We talk about Motown music and the Big Chill. We also learn that Aaron loves jazz fusion and has a jazz drum set. Amanda confesses that her musical taste depends a lot on the lovers she gets involved with who introduce her to it.


We talked events at Sawdust and Tree. Amanda went to an event celebrating International Women’s Day. Lots of different artistic media from spoken word to storytelling to hip hop and dance.


We speak about the Octopus Books event with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Indigenous activism and intellectualism. We end up chatting about the blur of boundaries, including Michael Ondaatje’s Coming Through Slaughter.


We talk about VERSeFest and share some of our highlights.


Factory Reading Series talks appear after the talks at


Arc Walks #1 with rob mclennan


Indigenous Walks Ottawa


Janes Walk Ottawa


We discuss walking tour ideas.


We talk about Rasiqra Revulva’s wonderful performance.


We discuss erasure and found poems, including the work of Kenny Goldsmith and Vanessa Place.


We discuss the readings of Christine McNair and Major Jackson

 Major Jackson Ok Cupid


2. Recent Reads (29.02)


Emily Izsak – Whistle Stops, A Locomotive Serial Poem, Signature Editions, 2017 Aaron gives a few examples of technique and style from her work.

Aaron talks about tennis and difference between new and mid-career players styles.


Kaveh Akbar - Calling A Wolf A Wolf (Alice James Books)

Amanda reads Soot.


Aaron talks about JC Bouchard – Let This Be The End of Me, poems and photographs (Hybrid Heaven, 2018)


Amanda talks about Arc Poetry Magazine– Winter 2018, highlights are essays, poems and reviews.


3. Upcoming Events

See for the calendar of events.


4. Contests and submissions

See news for calls and contests



5. Thanks and sign off

Jennifer Pederson for intro and outro, Charles Earl for processing, audience and those who share the link. Stay tuned for more episodes in May and so forth…

The Small Machine Talks - Episode 30 - Interview with rob  mclennanThe Small Machine Talks - Episode 30 - Interview with rob mclennan

Recorded on March 15, 2018
To listen to the episode, click here.
We celebrate the 25th anniversary of above/ground press. We discuss its origins and activities.

above/ground press blog:

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