Louise P. Sloane: Portrait of An Artist in Her Own WordsLouise P. Sloane: Portrait of An Artist in Her Own Words

Louise talks about her evolution as an artist and the role dyslexia and family affect her work.

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 7, recorded January 8, 2017The Small Machine Talks, Episode 7, recorded January 8, 2017

Click here for the episode.

Episode 7, The Small Machine Talks, recorded Sunday, January 8, 2017 with a.m. kozak, Amanda Earl and special guest, Claire Farley


0.00 INTRODUCTION: We welcome Claire Farley, who we will interview in the next episode. We discuss recent events. Aaron saw Black Denim at Bar Robo, a funk hip hop band, went to the last event at Gallery 101 for Tree and his tendency to shut down locales for series, often being the last performer. Claire wishes she could have attended that and the Sawdust reading with Chris Johnson, Marilyn Irwin and David Collins, We discuss how packed the event was, the presence of Toronto folk. Aaron  mentions how touched he was hearing friends read. We praise Marilyn’s timing and the blue, blue there and Chris’s the interesting autobiographical sense of his Buzzfeed quiz poems, the new Froghollow chapbook, the fundraising for White Helmets with delicious homebaked desserts. We discuss Amanda’s loss of mojo at the door prizes at Sawdust, Rhys, the excellent bartender at Pour Boy. We talk about the Peter F. Yacht Club annual regatta, reading, xmas party and the purloining of a pillow as inspiration for the group’s name. Amanda remembers Pearl’s excellent chocolate brownies. Claire talks about the Visual Poetry Exhibit at the University of Ottawa and the thrills of exposing new people to visual poetry. Amanda reminisces about the 2008 Post-Modernism Conference, including a drinking game, a public reading with Robert Kroetsch, the upcoming Robert Kroetsch conference in the spring. Amanda asks to be invited to public readings.



Aaron was a good boy and didn’t need to have a wish list.

Amanda chooses Robin Richardson’s Unsympathetic Voice in Poetry Workshop. We discuss making the audience and oneself uncomfortable. Claire talks about regrets after pressing submit, feeling insufferable.

Amanda’s blue sky wish list event is a Venetian Ball on September 3, 1951 and her wish to befriend the forgotten bohemian queen of Paris, Leonor Fini. Amanda worries she’s writing too much about obscure bohemian libertines.



We discuss poetry and other events taking place in Ottawa, Toronto, London, Waterloo, Montreal, Aaron mentions Blue Mondays and its rebellion against the calendar. Amanda talks extensively about Hot-Sauced Words’ “Give Me a Line” and its poetry-themed writing challenge. Amanda mentions that “dynamic” has become the word of 2017. Amanda talks about judging the poem-off at Sawdust and choosing Fiona Mitchell’s work. The 1,000 Birds event with Lilian Neckacov, a PEN Canada fundraiser. Aaron talks about Words on Stages issue 17 launch. Amanda wishes Jacqueline Valencia would read in Ottawa. Aaron mentions Suzanna Derewicz’s poem about the Central. We muse about getting free drinks at the Central, since  our podcast explores the poetry of Central Canada. Aaron is possibly the sole poet reading at the Carleton U Arts Gallery. We discuss the venerable Hart House Review and Amanda’s sorrowful record at the University of Toronto. Our motto is now “people will find it.” Aaron talks about Facilitate run by Joseph Ianni and also the press, “Death Cookies Soup Press.” We talk about the upcoming In/Words launch of Sarah MacDonnell’s chapbook, which we’re all excited to read. Aaron was the editor of the chapbook. Liam Burke, one of the Sawdust hosts, is opening for Sarah. Aaron and I are both reading at the Ottawater launch toward the end of the month. Claire asks about Poetic Intentions, the reading series with a theme.




Claire’s been reading academic articles, but also shall read Erin Wunker’s Notes from a Feminist Killjoy. She also has received the Slow Poetry in America Newsletter featuring a poem as a broadside.


Aaron read Chris Johnson’s stumbly haibun from Frog Hollow Press.


Amanda has read Mary Ruefle’s My Private Property and Arc Poetry Magazine’s Art in the End Times issue, chock a block with compelling reads and art.


42:32: NEWS


Tree moves back to Black Squirrel Books. Claire talks about their renovation. Workshops will take place downstairs and mentions the PDA Gallery that is now downstairs. Amanda talks about Pokemon Slam Poetry. Claire plans to write Dragonball Z poems.




Note that most of these got cut off on the recording because the recorder’s memory card was full. Oops. Here’s what you would have heard about if we hadn’t filled up the card:


JANUARY 15, 2017 The Quilliad Press's Second Annual Chapbook Call

https://thequilliad.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/the-quilliad-presss-second-annual-chapbook-call/ 10-20 pages of poetry and/or flash fiction from a Canadian writer who has never had a chapbook or full-length book published


January 16, 2017 In/Words Magazine’s Digital Love issue



January 30, 2017 - Tree Press Chapbook Contest This contest is for those who come to keep the seats warm at The Tree Reading Series, those who come to the Seed workshops, or are regulars at the Tree open mic readings.The prize is now $250 and ten copies of your chapbook http://www.treereadingseries.ca/awards/chapbook-competition


January 31, 2017 – The Maynard http://themaynard.org/submissions.html


February 1, 2017 - The Malahat Review 2017 Long Poem Poetry Prize http://www.malahatreview.ca/contests/long_poem_prize/info.html


February 1, 2017 -Arc Poetry Magazine -Poem of the Year



February 1, 2017  League of Canadian Poets National Broadsheet Contest- deadline



February 3, 2017 Canadian Authors Association - National Capital Writing Contest - deadline : February 3, 2017



March 1, 2017 – The Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry

winner receives a trade paperback contract with Insomniac Press; judge is Wayde Compton https://matrixmagazine.submittable.com/submit

march 1, 2017 Call for Submissions: Impossible Archetype – poems from LBGTQ+ folk


march 31, 2017 – The Horsebroke Press Poems for Kids by Their Folks



march 31, 2017 – Vallum Chapbook Award

1st Prize:  PUBLICATION + $125; entry fee is $25



Apparatus: A Collection of Experimental Poetry, Prose & Art  from Inspiritus Press out of Toronto is looking for $500 to create A book of bold, gritty, thought-provoking literature & photography from 15 unique contributors. The universe of the body revealed. An 80 page collection with work by a bunch of people I haven’t heard of & Evan Hoskins. The perks include a custom story, t-shirts, copies of the book, VIP hangout for a day with the team for Toronto residents only. The book is being launched at the Slackline Series in February.




Rolling Deadline – The Claremont Review weeks works by writers between 13 and 19.





The Unsympathetic Voice In Poetry; Courage, Clarity, Truth, Uncertainty By Robin Richardson



Venetian Ball, September 1951

http://www.messynessychic.com/2017/01/05/oh-to-have-been-in-venice-on-the-night-of-september-3rd-1951/ “


The Forgotten Bohemian Queen of the Paris Art World



The Watering Hole – a weekly podcast with Barâa Arar and Buraidah Aslami Razack



Hot-Sauced Words http://www.hotsaucedwords.ca/


Death Cookies Soup Press



Slow Poetry in American Newsletter



Stay tuned for our interview with Claire Farley, to be posted mid-January, 2017. Until then, thanks for listening and happy new year!

Call for Submissions: NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017 - A Celebration of Women

Happy 2017, friends of AngelHousePress

I invite you to submit poetry for NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017. The theme this year is "A Celebration of Women." 
Please send work as soon as you can. I'm hoping to have a balance of 15 visual pieces/poems & 15 text-based poems.

NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017 – A Celebration of Women
NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017 will be a celebration & acknowledgement of women: women of colour, indigenous women, trans women, the famous, the notorious, the unknown, the forgotten, the murdered, the abused, the healing, the powerful, the powerless, family members, friends, women from all sexual orientations, all walks & stations of life, all ages, all sizes, all religions, no religion, all cultures.
Established & emerging poets & artists of all genders worldwide are welcome & encouraged to send poetry, collages, graphic comics, asemic writing, visual art, visual poems, book art, imaginary letters and anything else you can think to celebrate women.
Send to amanda@angelhousepress.com
Text: .doc, .docx, rtf files
Length: no more than 45 lines or 250 words.
Art and visual poetry: jpg files
Number of pieces/poems: unlimited.
Video/Audio: I’m not sure. Send it &  we’ll see if we can publish.
Deadline: February 28, 2017
Publication status: work can be previously published or unpublished as long as you hold copyright.
Required: short bio in first or third person; contributor photograph.
Response: acceptances and rejections in March, 2017.
Publication will be in April, 2017.

Please pass this call on to any & all poets, artists, pals.

“The moment of change is the only poem.”

― Adrienne Rich


“The more we exist outside the system, the more creative we are.”

--Beatrice Wood


I started NationalPoetryMonth.ca in 2009 as an alternative to institutionalized celebrations of poetry with the goal of expanding preconceived notions of what poetry is or means. My favourite response to the poetry on NationalPoetryMonth.ca is "this isn't poetry!"


We publish one poem/piece of art each day in April for a total of 30 poems/pieces. I use the opportunity to discover potential contributors to Experiment-O.com and to the AngelHousePress limited edition chapbook series, as well as our essay series.


AngelHousePress, established in 2007 by Amanda Earl, publishes raw talent, ragged edges and rebels through its limited edition chapbook series, NationalPoetryMonth.ca, an annual celebration of poetry in April, Experiment-O.com, an annual online PDF magazine that comes out in November, and its online essay series. Please visit AngelHousePress.com for more information, and to sign up to our mailing list to stay informed about calls for submission and activities.


I welcome any queries, comments or suggestions you have.

Please kindly share this call with every artist and poet you know.


We need to find ways to uplift each other. There is solidarity in strength and creativity.


yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 6The Small Machine Talks, Episode 6

Amanda’s interview with Dalton Derkson at the ClockTower Pub

before his featured reading at the In/Words Reading Series on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (25 minutes)

Click here for the interview or find us on ITunes.


With pub & In/Words noise in the background, & Aaron busy setting up for the reading, Dalton and I talk about Guinness, the Worst Case Ontario Tour,  JC Bouchard, the theme of the outsider within Dalton’s poems, the role of geography, Andrew Suknaski, the co-opting of punk by corporate culture, burning the Sex Pistols memorabilia, Dalton as grindcore poet, the sources of Dalton’s performance style and cadences, including hardcore metal, professional wrestlers,  persona, gaining & keeping the audience’s attention. Poets into wrestling: Spencer Gordon, Nathaniel G. Moore, Broken Pencil’s Death Match, the Puritan, Will Kemp. We discuss Lorca’s idea of duende, the internal driving force of creativity, with the knowledge that death is present. Jessica Bebinek’s interview in the Town Crier about Poets and Place. Dalton’s poems as representing placelessness. How Toronto has affected his writing. The surreal turn. Robert Kroetsch and the role of voice in the Hornbooks of Rita K: trying to write in a different voice. Dalton has written in the voice of Ed Mirvish. The final Worst Case Ontario reading at Black Squirrel Books, the poem “Juiced” about a wrestler blading himself, drawing blood. We also speak of William Henry Drummond and making poetry that replicates speech: Cormac McCarthy, bill bissett. We talk about Dalton’s boyhood dream of reading with bill bissett, which he did at VERSeFest, Daniel Jones as an influence. His new chapbook with Phafours Press.


Dalton Derkson 

Jessica Bebenek interviews Dalton Derkson, punk poet in the Town Crier

Phafours Press


Experiment-O, Issue 9.0Experiment-O, Issue 9.0

Experiment-O, Issue 9 features poetry, art, asemic writing and visual poetry from Argentina, Canada, Tunisia and USA: http://experiment-o.com/


You can also access the site & download the issue on your smart phones.


Thanks to the contributors: Sacha Archer, Dominic Bercier, J.C Bouchard, Joel Chace, Nathan Dueck, Carrie Hunter, Jenny MacBain-Stephens, J.F. Martel, Mado Reznik, Sarah Sarai, Louise P. Sloane, and Ali Znaidi.


Experiment-O is an annual PDF magazine established in 2008. Its aim is to bring attention to works that do what art is supposed to do and that is to risk.


AngelHousePress thanks the contributors & in advance, the readers & dedicates this ninth issue to those who “risk the self in order to give the self.” Quote is from Claudia Rankine in her introduction to Adrienne Rich’s Collected Poems: 1950 - 2012 (W.W. Norton & Company, New York, London, 2016).


Experiment-O will consider interviews, reviews, visual art, visual poetry, concrete poetry, poetry, prose, manifestos, maps, rants, blog entries, translations and other digital miscellany.


Please send creative works of merit to amanda@experiment-o.com for consideration for future issues. only contributions that are possible in PDF form will be considered; responses will likely only occur if the work is accepted for publication. previously published work is considered. simultaneous submissions are fine too.


Experiment-O advocates a cormorant and lichen free environment.


For further information about AngelHousePress, please go to www.angelhousepress.com.

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 5 (events & calls)The Small Machine Talks, Episode 5 (events & calls)

Play the episode on Soundcloud here or find us on Itunes.


Sunday, December 4, 2016




We announce that we’re separating the podcast into events, news, etc in one episode, and an interview in the next episode, to shorten the length of each episode. We talk about the baker’s dozen of poetry events we each/both attended in Ottawa and Montreal in November, door prizes, brandy alexanders, Centretown West by Northwest, Montreal’s Plateau/Mile End area, afternoon vs evening readings, art parties, In/Words flash mob performance of Howl, changing people’s perceptions of what poetry readings can be.


Amanda muses about the male-centric representation of Beat writing, women as appendages or angels. Aaron talks of the secret karaoke lives of poets at the end of the world aka the Arc 81 launch. Amanda waxes poetic about red needles, Leonard Cohen’s cocktail and the wonders of tequila, the Sawdust workshop by Gary Barwin. We finally meet Adèle Barclay in person at the Tree Reading Series. Alice in Wonderland comes up, as she often does. Aaron points out the meaning of disco biscuits. Amanda talks of a surprise sound poetry performance that took place at the ottawa small press book fair. Aaron discusses the energetic performance of Dalton Derkson at the In/Words reading. Amanda talks about the warmth of the In/Words open mic. Aaron talks about the importance of inviting emerging writers from out of town to read. Aaron mentions the old tennis court at Rideau Hall, the club-liked renovated Laurier House venue for the Ottawa Arts Review, the discomfort of knowing everyone in a small room, Chris Johnson’s collaborative audience poem. Amanda talks of developing a taste for sound poetry, including Messagio Galore, Jaap Blonk.





Amanda moons over The Dada World Fair in San Francisco. This leads to a discussion of glitch poetry, glitch hop and ‘pataphysics.


Aaron describes numerous events he wished he had attended in Toronto and Montreal. He talks about the cover poems read at the Gentle Resonance Reading in Montreal and  the Infinity of Intimate Space Art Opening after Bachelard’s “Poetics of Space.” in Toronto. Anne Carson’s “Float” comes up, as it should. Aaron and Amanda both moon over Type Books. Amanda mentions fish and chips. Aaron describes the Long Winter, an art, performance, interactive event in Toronto.




Leonard Cohen dies at 82 on November 10, 2016

Nelson Ball wins bpNichol chapbook award

Phillip Crymble wins the Puritan’s Thomas Merton Memorial Prize for Poetry

(judge was Jan Zwicky)


In Peterborough, fiction writer Michelle Berry has opened a book store, Hunter Street Books. Amanda mentions other writers who run bookstores.


New online chapbook review blog by Toronto writer Cary Fagan.


Carousel Magazine’s latest issue#37 contains Eric Schmaltz’s  fascinating interview with filmmaker Justin Stephenson about “The Complete Works,” his film about bpNichol


INTERNET (46:50)


We chat about the poems in the latest Puritan, wrestling, found poems, personal poems, and Phoebe Wang’s interview with Jann Conn, and the question of accessibility in poetry. I butcher the David McGimpsey quote, “Nobody said there should be a people’s trigonometry.”





We list spoken word events and poetry readings that will take place the rest of this month, and include a few arts and theatre events as well.


We congratulate Canthius and the Minnola Review for achieving their funding targets.





We discuss calls for submissions and contests. Aaron talks about In/Words upcoming online dating issue and its swipe left/swipe right design.


Next episodes will be interviews with Dalton Derkson (before the end of the month) and Claire Farley in the new year.


Thanks to our listeners, our sound engineer, Charles Earl and stinger creator, Jennifer Pederson.


We wish everyone happy holidays.





Vallum: https://vallum.wordpress.com/


Maggie Monologues http://www.wordsonpagespress.com/2016/09/10/maggiemonologues/


Arc Poetry Magazine



Sawdust Reading Series



The Phrontistery (lists of unusual vocabulary)



Ian Martin – You are a Bad Person http://ian-martin.net/projects/badperson/


Ottawa Small Press Book Fair: http://smallpressbookfair.blogspot.ca/


bird, buried press: https://birdburiedpress.wordpress.com/


Governor General Literary Awards



Jaap Blonk



Dada World Fair



“Reveling in Exuberant Absurdity at the San Francisco Dada World Fair” by Ingrid Rojas Contreras



Infinity of Infinite Space exhibit



battleaxe press: https://nhannawriting.wordpress.com/


Best Canadian Poetry, Tightrope Books



the Long Winter http://www.torontolongwinter.com/





Hunter Street Books, Open Book Interview:



Cary Fagan’s chapbook review blog: https://word.music.blog/

Espresso, a chapbook press: http://espresso-chapbooks.com/


Carousel Magazine: http://carouselmagazine.ca/


Film trailer for the Complete Works:





the Puritan Issue 35: Fall, 2016:  http://puritan-magazine.com/


ALWAYS BECOMING: CONVERSATIONS AND CORRESPONDENCES WITH JAN CONN by Phoebe Wang http://puritan-magazine.com/always-becoming-phoebe-wang-in-conversation-with-jan-conn/


Eva H.D. “38 Michigans”  Montreal Poetry Prize 2015 http://montrealprize.com/2015-winner/


Frog Hollow Press: http://www.froghollowpress.com/


The Minnola Review https://minolareview.squarespace.com/


The Rusty Toque: http://www.therustytoque.com/







Arc Poetry Magazine Arc Angel call for donations: http://arcpoetry.ca/donations/


Sawdust Poem Off http://sawdustseries.ca/poem-off-competition/



Arc Poetry Magazine Poem of the Year: http://arcpoetry.ca/contests-page/?platform=hootsuite#poty





In/Words Magazine Call for Submissions: Digital Love –



SlamOutaouis: http://slamoutaouais.tumblr.com/post/153583726568/10-ans-de-slam-pour-slamoutaouais-appel-de?og=1&fb_action_ids=10154796001597915&fb_action_types=tumblr-feed%3Apost


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