Chris Turnbull traces the evolution of her rout/e project, in which she places poems in the great outdoors.

Visual Poetry Call for Submissions for 2015
for this year's,  i've decided April 2015's should be entirely devoted to the publication of visual poetry.

i invite you to contribute visual poems, asemic writing, collages, book art and concrete poems.

please send high resolution JPGs (1200 pixels on the longest side), a short bio and a photograph to me by February 28, 2015. collaborations are also welcome. send to amanda at angelhousepress dot com

(do NOT send me PDFs or word processing documents.)

*Please send no more than three pieces for consideration. * send to amanda at angelhousepress dot com .

if you know of any other visual poets whose work i should look at, please send me links to their work.

as usual, republished work is fine, as long as you hold the copyright.

ps-i'm also still on the hunt for essays, rants, interviews, reviews for the essay series & great stuff for experiment-o's 8th issue in November.

Experiment-O Issue 7 now on line
Elizabeth Bertoldi, Volodymyr Bilyk, Selina Boan, Craig Calhoun, Ariel Gonzalez Losada, MARGENTO, a rawlings & Sachiko Murakami, sven staelens, Carol Stetser, Tom Walmsley and Liz Worth.

Where No One Can See YouWhere No One Can See You

In  “Where No One Can See You,” Anita Dolman describes carnage in the half-light, fallen ballerinas, bleak urban & prairie environments, muffled echoes, confined spaces, battered fedoras, wall-flat moments & the possibility of an open door. 

[cover photo: Elizabeth Dolman]

Anita will launch the chapbook at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair Pre-Fair Reading on November 7, 2014, 7:30pm, the Carleton Tavern, 223 Armstrong, Upstairs. The chapbook will be for sale at the Fair on Saturday, November 8, 2014.

Kiki in WonderlandKiki in Wonderland

a visual poetry interpretation of Alice, the first section of Kiki. 

Bone SaplingBone Sapling

a visual poetry collection of hybrid letter creatures who swim, climb trees & wait in their nests to be born. visual poems woven together with a textual poem.

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